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Cardio Tennis For Adults

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A new, high-energy way to enjoy and play tennis!

Anthony Glynn signed up with Tennis Australia to be amongst the first deliverers in Victoria of Cardio Tennis, a fun and social group tennis fitness program for adults of all ages and abilities.

“It is very exciting to be one of the first coaches to incorporate Cardio Tennis into my coaching program. It is a great program that I believe will get lots of adults back into tennis, and even adults who have never played tennis at all!”

Cardio Tennis is less about technique and more about getting a great high-energy workout and burning lots of calories while hitting lots of tennis balls. It is the ultimate full-body workout.

“In the Cardio Tennis sessions, we use an amazing play list of energetic music to get people enthusiastic and motivated.”

The outline of a cardio tennis session involves a quick warm up to get players’ heart rates at the rate that is required to burn maximum calories, lots of Cardio Burst activities to keep heart rates up, and a cool down period to get back to our resting heart rate.


Fees: $50 for 5 sessions, or $12 per session

Contact Anthony on 0433 832 335 or email to register.