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Challenge Ladders encourage players to compete against their peers to put their learned skills to the test in live matches, AND also promote development of self discipline, accountability and responsibility.

Live competition is  the best way to increase tennis skills AND, at the same time, increase enjoyment in the game, and build camaraderie amongst mates.

Your coach may set challenge matches after coaching sessions, but challenge matches can be arranged by players themselves at any time.

YST Challenge Ladders are unisex and comprise singles matches open to juniors and their parents or guardians, seniors, and veterans, and will promote activity at club level and encourage membership.


Access to Courts

In order to assure your Challenge Ladder activity is covered by Tennis Victoria personal accident insurance, if you are a -

    • club member, use your club key or arrange through your club secretary
    • a non-club member coaching pupil, or a parent or guardian of a coaching pupil, arrange through coaching staff


Club Challenge Ladder Standings

All players commence at the same level.  As Challenge results are received, Ladders will be updated within a few days.


Club Challenge Ladder Rules

  • Challenges will comprise either a coach challenge, or a player challenge.
  • A coach challenge will generally be held after a coaching session has finished, but may be at another time arranged through coaching staff if not a club member.
  • Until further notice, a player challenge may be made by, or against, a CLUB member, a COACHING group member, a MATE from school, or a PARENT or GUARDIAN, and may be made in person, by telephone, or email, and should be accepted by the opponent.
  • If a challenge isn't accepted by an opponent, the challenger automatically wins the challenge by default, provided the opponent has played 6 previous challenge matches, or is a club member, or is a YST coaching pupil.
  • A challenge match can comprise a format directed by your coach, a 7 point match tiebreak (red ball level), a 10 point match tiebreak (orange ball level), or a 6 game set with tie break at 5-all (green or yellow ball level), and can be played any day or night of the week within 14 days of a challenge being made.
  • The challenging player must provide a good quality pair of balls to use for the challenge (can arrange from club or coach).
  • Match results will attract 5 points for the winner, 2 points for the loser, and 0 points for a forfeit, and will be aggregated.  The aggregate is divided by the number of challenge matches to arrive at a Player Rating which will determine the order on the Ladder.
  • In a player challenge, a player winning a challenge shall take over the opponent's position on the Ladder, and the opponent shall move down one level.
  • It is the responsibility of the winner of a challenge to submit the match result within 48 hours of the result.
  • A player lodging an invalid result will lose their rating and revert to the bottom of a Ladder.