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Yarra Valley Series


Located in the Yarra Ranges Shire, the Triangle comprises Hill and Rural communities and Tennis Victoria affiliated clubs with teams in the Eastern Region Tennis Association.





The Yarra Valley Tennis Series individual and team cups have been created to help bridge the gap between coaching classes and practice to assist in the transition to traditional junior pennant and tournaments.

Events have been conducted at Yarra Glen TC, Monbulk TC, Yarra Junction TC and Warburton TC, and soon to be at Seville TC.

We play in these stages in the Yarra Valley Tennis Series - 

RED stage pre-formal competition standard, featuring -

    • 25% compression RED balls, smaller RED sized courts and 3m nets
    • timed matches and under arm serves (bounce and hit)

stage pre-pennant and pre-tournament standard (including improved RED stage) -

    • 75% compression GREEN balls, played on GREEN sized courts
    • players serve diagonally into the service box
    • players can serve over arm on the first serve but if it is a fault should serve an under arm (bounce and hit) second serve
    • timed and/or 10 point match tiebreak

RED and GREEN stages may involve some blending of matches depending on player standards and number of entrants

stage early pennant and tournament standard (including suitable RED and GREEN stages) -

    • full compression balls, play on standard courts
    • players must serve over arm, and use standard scoring
    • either 10 point tiebreak, or 4 game set with tiebreaker at 3-all


Player age eligibility - must be relevant age as at 31 December

Clubs and coaches may apply to have their venues involved in the developing Tennis Series system in subsequent school terms via email with venue name, address, contact details (including mobile) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2017 Events

January School Holidays – Australian Open Teams Cup (Teams of 3 players)

2017 Champions – Oscar Knight, Oliver Knight and Lachlan Parker

April School Holidays – French Open Teams Cup (Teams of 2 players)

2017 Champions – Muchima Board and Saskia Jackson Smith

July School Holidays – Wimbledon Cup (Individual entries only, singles only)

Date of event – Monday 3rd July, at Seville Tennis Club.

September School Holidays – US Open Teams Cup (Teams of 3 players)

Date of event - TBC

December Holidays – Christmas Teams Cup – (Teams of 2 Players)

Date of event – TBC

In 2018, the 5 above cups will continue during the holidays, and 4 NEW Cups will be held in the middle of each school term, bringing the number of Yarra Valley Tennis Series Cups to 9 in total.