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We help players grow and develop as individuals

Junior Player Pathway

Tennis is the game for life
from junior to adolescent to adult to veteran level.

The game involves the most healthy interaction of the genders of any sport.


 A player's pathway from an introduction to tennis through to competent enjoyment of the game is best guided by a qualified coach.

There are two other important influences to success -

involvement from the player's parent(s) or guardian(s)
ensure juniors/adolescents/seniors/veterans have access to nearby tennis courts
YST encourages pupils to challenge peers/parents or guardians through off court exercises and on court play

practice, practice, practice to maximise enjoyment
whether it is with a parent or guardian, or peers, improvement will ONLY come by putting skills learned in coaching to the test on a tennis court

 Who was it that said "the more I practice, the luckier I get"?  Never was a truer word spoken

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